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Welcome to Azureblue Labradors, located in Southern Manitoba,We selectively breed 1-2 litters per year in all three colors recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club, black, yellow and chocolate. Much attention is paid to producing attractive, intelligent, solidly built all purpose dogs who are competitive in the show ring as well as being great family companions and retrievers. We are members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Labrador Retriever club of Manitoba. All puppies are raised in our home where they are exposed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We, along with our children play a big role in our puppies development, from the moment they are born until they leave us for life with their new families. Our puppies have the opportunity to experience growing up with their extended canine family members. This environment creates very well socialized puppies. Our goal is to produce top quality,sound dogs with the loving temperament Labradors are known and loved for. All of our puppies are warrantiedvia a written guarantee for the following genetically inherited conditions (hip and elbow dysplasia, hereditary juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy and genetic heart conditions). Companion (pet) animals are sold on non-breeding (spay or neuter) agreements only. 

At Azureblue we feel that bringing a puppy or older dog into your life is an exteremely important decision. We want our dogs to have a lifelong home with a family they can count on to meet all of their needs. Should you be interested in an Azureblue puppy, please EMAIL US. Once approved for a puppy or dog we will request a phone call to get to know you better.  A non refundable deposit will be required to reserve your puppy. We offer ongoing support for the life of your dog. If you are interested in a puppy from an upcoming breeding, we urge you to reserve ahead of the birth in order to avoid disappointment.

At Azureblue Labradors, we strongly feel that puppies should not be chosen on color. Although we understand that you may have a color preference we urge you to first take things like temperament and activity level and your familiy's needs and lifestyle into consideration. These factors will determine the success of your relationship with your puppy.

We offer a show dog fostering program for those people willing to have a show puppy/dog in their home. 
Email us for details on this very rewarding program.

We can be contacted anytime with any concerns or questions you may have.

Thanks for visiting with us. We hope you enjoy our dogs.

                                                Some notes on choosing a reputable breeder

Your breeder must screen their breeding dogs for hereditary faults present in the breed. DNA testing can eliminate the chance that your puppy may inherit some hereditary faults,so that your puppy has the best chance at a long and healthy life.

The only recognized colors of Labradors are Yellow, Black and Chocolate. Silver, Charcoal and Champagne colors are known to be due to crossbreeding with Weimaraners many decades ago. This is where the dilute gene that is responsible for Silver and Charcoal came from. These are not purebred Labrador Retrievers. These colors are not recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. "Breeders" of these colors, may register these dogs but they are not being honest when filling out paperwork for registration as they will register "Silvers" as Chocolate and "Charcoal" as Black and "Champagne" as Yellow. This is the only way these colors can be registered. Many times people try to capitalize on these unrecognized colors and charge more money for them, which is unethical. There are also people breeding "White Labradors". "White is only a color variation of yellow and not a separate color. White is only light yellow and more money should never be charged for them vs any other color. Again these types of breeders are only looking to make more money on people who believe there is truly a "White Labrador".

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